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Engineering affects the quality of every day life. It makes a big difference between a clean environment versus a polluted environment, between efficient infrastructure versus an obsolete infrastructure, between energy-efficient lighting versus high-cost lighting, and between user-friendly low-cost maintenance systems versus cumbersome high-cost maintenance systems.


At Paulco Engineering, Inc. (PEI), our focus is everyday life, providing clean air quality systems, energy efficient lighting, and low-cost friendly-maintenance systems. We are in business to help our clients - and their clients to plan for the future. PEI provides our clients with cost effective solutions to their challenges, while satisfying their needs.




Value of teaming with an organization staffed by exceptional professionals who really understand your needs and goals and have the resources to achieve them.

Achieving the client satisfaction is our guiding principal. Confirming client satisfaction for each project is important to our continued improvements as individuals and as a corporation.

Look at the benefits of being at the receiving end of a steady stream of well-honed ideas and practical solutions to the challenges you are facing.

Understand the value-added benefits and options that are available from PEI. Our staff combines broad-based experience to address your needs quickly and cost effectively. With our resources, we deliver the projects, on-time and with-in budget.

Envision the ease of working with an organization that is willing to do business your way. It can be through the on-call services, turnkey projects, or joint ventures.

Small things make a big difference. Presenting ourselves with openness and honestly and presenting our ideas with clarity sharpens positive impressions.