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Consulting Engineers



 Paulco Engineering, Inc has established a quality assurance (QA) program that promotes quality for each project by setting common sense, practical guidelines for work activities. This program seeks to avoid professional misjudgment and human errors, diminish liabilities, and set the stage for continuing high quality service to our clients and hence to their clients, the end-users.


 Success with clients depends on our ability to think creatively in their terms. Our diversified practice helps foster necessary listening skills. We listen to our clients to understand and delineate their requirements, expectations, and their budgetary limitations. It is imperative that we know our clients and their needs, to provide satisfactory results. Client satisfaction leads to repeated business.


 We also believe that while management commitment is the key to success, employee initiative is equally important. We listen to each other because we know that valuable ideas emerge from analogies drawn from different practice areas.