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Multi-Use Fire Information Display System
(MUFIDS) - Phase I & II
BWI Airport
, Linthicum, Maryland

 Replacement and upgrade of existing displays with new High-Tech displays in al the piers.

 New MUFIDS in renovated Garage

 New MUFIDS in new mezzanine level

 New MUFIDS in car rental facility

 New MUFIDS at the MARC station garage

 New electrical power and raceways for communication

 New panels, feeders and branch circuit wiring, Upgrade existing panels

 Project completed successfully with less than 0.6% change in electrical system design.

Security Booths at Gates
BWI Airport
, Linthicum, Maryland

 New security booths at all the vehicular access gates to the Air Side of the airport.

 New electrical distribution for power to the booths

 New emergency power generators for the security booths

 Coordination with the local utility company, for new electrical services to the booths

 New communication and data wiring to the new booths extended from the nearest buildings

 Entire project completed without a single change order for electrical and communication systems

Other Airport projects include:

 Fiber Optics Backbone, Elm Road, Baltimore-Washington Airport, MD

 Fiber Optics Distribution Backbone, Midfield Cargo Complex, BWI Airport, MD

 Rehab of fire alarm systems for hangers, RR Washington National Airport, DC.

 Pedestrian Bridge, Manchester Airport, Manchester, New Hampshire

 Upgrade Airfield Lighting Vault and Replace Airfield Lighting Control System, BWI Airport, Maryland

 Midfield Cargo Parking Lots, BWI, MD

 Panelboards Replacement, Phase II, BWI Airport, Maryland

 Lot E Access Control, BWI Airport, MD

 Provision of Quick Connects for Emergency Power, BWI Airport, MD